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Activation of Feng Shui and Qi Men is the stimulation of a certain sector of an apartment / house or office at the most favorable time in order to attract or increase favorable Qi energy for a noticeable and quick result.  this is an increase in cash flow, business development, attracting sponsors and patrons , new opportunities, fulfillment of desires, achieving goals, harmonizing relationships, improving health, increasing luck, etc. 


This is a great chance to change your life for the better, expand and develop your business, improve your financial situation, attract new opportunities into your life, love into your life, improve your health! 


Activations are done with minimal cost, but they give brilliant results and take life to an absolutely new level! All you need to do is turn on the activator in the sector with favorable energy at specially calculated hours or take a walk in the indicated direction, or maybe just sit in the sector with favorable energy.  There are a lot of options for activating the necessary energy!


Activations work for everyone, no matter where in the world we are!

I really want you to get brilliant results from conducting activations and therefore I invite you to the webinar "Highlights of SUCCESSFUL ACTIVATIONS" , in which I will tell you about the magical world of activations and teach you how to conduct them correctly. 

Conducting activations   is an exciting process that brings brilliant results, BUT if the intent is formulated correctly and certain rules are followed. 

In the webinar program: 

1) What are activations?
2) Types of Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia activations
3) Activators we use in activations
4) How to properly mark the room for activations

5) Rules for conducting activations

6) How fast activations work

7) What to do to get brilliant results from activations

8) How to make wishes correctly so that they come true

Webinar date: 16 октября        Время: 12 часов (мск)

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