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Feng Shui



Якорь 1

The daily ritual "INCREASE OF THE FLOW".

And so, we launch a new, monetary program with the words: "I am with love and gratitude ...", indicating specific monetary sources. For example: "I attract such a number of clients with love and gratitude, which brings me a concrete profit ..." / "With love and gratitude, I increase the flow of money in my life through an increase in salary (bonus ...)" / "I love and gratefully conclude a lucrative contract ...) You need to finish the new program with the words: "I increase money to fulfill my desires."

Remember that the higher the bar of your desire, the longer it may take to realize it. Also, concentrate on one desire. Otherwise, your life energy will be divided by the number of your desires. And the implementation of the conceived programs will be slower. (3).png
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Якорь 2

I propose to make a very simple, but EFFECTIVE ritual with SUGAR, to ATTRACT MONEY ENERGY.
To do this, on a piece of paper we write our money desire, how much money we want and why. Then, with a desire, we put the sheet in a white envelope✉, put a little sugar there and put any bill. Then write “Sweet Life” on the envelope. Then you should read the conspiracy for money: “My life, sweet, my life is smooth, I live in abundance, and all the troubles are outside the fence. White sugar - pure, free life in abundance! May it be so!".

The envelope ✉ can be stored at home, you can carry it with you in your bag. We do not open the envelope until the wish is fulfilled. Then the piece of paper will need to be burned, and the sugar will be sent down the wind. After the ritual can be repeated with a new desire. (3).png
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There is a very fun and effective BANANA RITUAL to ATTRACT MONEY !!! Despite the fact that the ritual does not seem entirely serious, it brings BRILLIANT RESULTS! This ritual makes it possible to get MONEY from UNEXPECTED SOURCES . The main thing is INTENTION and GOOD MOOD !!!

For the ritual, we need: a basin and ..... a banana peel.

1. Take the peel and rinse it thoroughly in water for a while (27 seconds, 27 times, or until you get bored). You can write on it the amount you want to receive.
2. At this time, say aloud or silently: "
I wash the peel - I will collect a lot of money!
I will rinse the peel - I will find millions!
Mani-mani sticks to a clean banana peel!
The peel floats in the water - I will find money everywhere!
I peel off, and for this I get
Money, winnings, luck and luck to boot! "

You can read any positive statement, for example, "I rinse the banana. I get money" or "I wash and rinse the peel, I let my money into my life."

After the end of the ritual, pour out the water, and throw away the peel with the words: "Banana in the trash, money in the house."

According to the reviews of those who performed the ritual, money begins to come, and new opportunities to earn it appear. Old debts are returned by themselves, taxes are recalculated or clients appear with lucrative orders.

I am always for a comprehensive solution to the problem, so DO ACTIVATIONS ,

Якорь 3


A very simple but effective ritual for raising money. This ritual is based on the interaction of 5 elements and consists in the arrangement of 5 elements (the circle of creation) in the zone of Wealth (South-East). We arrange the elements as follows: Wood (twig, wooden stick, cinnamon stick), Fire (red candle), Earth (stone, clod of earth), Metal (coin, bell), Water (in a glass, in a glass). Take one item at a time and place them clockwise on a tray or plate! as they are listed and at the same time say the following words: "Wood feeds Fire, which gives birth to Earth, which gives birth to Metal, which, in turn, gives birth to Water." Feel the energy of movement. This energy is needed to ACTIVATE ZONE OF WEALTH. In the middle of the circle we put a note with the amount you need. Every third day, the water must be replaced with a new one.

Якорь 4


Якорь 5

A very effective FULL MOON ritual with a LAVER LEAF for LOSS .

On a piece of paper we write the required amount of money, fold it and place it in a tin can. Further, we alternately put 7 coins of any denomination into the jar, saying at the same time: “The coins are sparkling, the coins are ringing, I have more and more of them. Coins come from where I do not expect, from now on I do not know I need it anymore. " Then add 3 bay leaves to the jar and close the lid. It is recommended to add at least 1 coin daily, visualizing the most unusual sources of income. ☝️ Exactly after 3 months, we bury the leaves together with a note in the ground, choosing for these purposes a deserted secluded place.

We remember about INTENTION and MOOD !!! OUR THOUGHTS ARE MATERIAL , therefore we think only about positive things and events !!!

A very effective FULL MOON ritual with a LAVER LEAF for LOSS .

On a piece of paper we write the required amount of money, fold it and place it in a tin can. Further, we alternately put 7 coins of any denomination into the jar, saying at the same time: “The coins are sparkling, the coins are ringing, I have more and more of them. Coins come from where I do not expect, from now on I do not know I need it anymore. " Then add 3 bay leaves to the jar and close the lid. It is recommended to add at least 1 coin daily, visualizing the most unusual sources of income. ☝️ Exactly after 3 months, we bury the leaves together with a note in the ground, choosing for these purposes a deserted secluded place.

We remember about INTENTION and MOOD !!! OUR THOUGHTS ARE MATERIAL , therefore we think only about positive things and events !!!

Якорь 6


In the first three days of a young month, you need to take a handful of rice in your left hand and go out under the open sky. We look at the crescent moon (if the sky is overcast, just imagine) and say (3 times): “How many grains are in the fields, so much money is in my bins. As the moon grows, it is sprayed, so my wealth increases. It was said - not to return, my luck cannot be reversed! ". Then we immediately go home, we don't talk to anyone on the way and we don't get distracted by extraneous things. At home, you need to do the following: we put three grains in a wallet, in a box for funds, a safe or another place where cash is kept. We scatter the rest around the apartment. For example, in vases, cabinets, on shelves and the like.

FOR THE SECOND RITUAL, we need: money oil, a green candle, a bill and coins. On the first three days of the New Moon, rub the candle with money oil and light it. Now we hold each bill and coin over the flame of a candle (just do not burn the bill, there were such cases), saying the following words: “The moon is growing - the sea is filling, and my wealth is replenished with new ones. Amen!” Then we put all the spells under the pillow. In the morning, without getting out of bed, we count our favorite denyuzhki three times.
You cannot spend the money you have spoken before the full moon. And on the full moon, you need to buy yourself a gift for your beloved with some of the money, and the rest can be used for ordinary needs.


Якорь 7

Two very POWERFUL CASH rituals. Let me remind you that we do rituals to increase money on the GROWING MOON.

To fill your home with ABUNDANCE , as well as to protect yourself from envious people, put 4️⃣ bay leaves under the rug by the front door on the growing moon. They should form a cross, touching the cuttings, while the leaves "look" in different directions. We leave
they lie until the next New Moon, after which we replace them with new ones, and burn the old ones. Be sure to say the intention before putting the leaves on the rug!

In the early days of the growing moon, we put a container with water on the windowsill, in which we need to place the most beautiful and shiny yellow coins. We put as much as we have.
The next day we use our MONEY WATER to clean our beloved home. Remember that it is necessary to clean on the growing moon DIRECTION FROM THE ENTRANCE DOOR to the center of the apartment❗ Intention, my dears, remember the intention!


Each person has their own monetary aura. If it is good, then you are attracting prosperity and good luck to yourself. If the monetary aura is weak, it negatively affects a person's well-being.

So, how do you define your monetary energy? To do this, we need a coin that has been in your house, wallet or pocket for a long time. Now we stand up straight and put a coin under the dimple in the throat. Attention! If the coin stuck well and we can move freely with it, then we have good monetary energy (aura). If the coin does not stick well and immediately falls, this means that the monetary aura is weak and needs to be improved.

There are a few simple rules for this:
1. Carry a small magnet in your wallet. This magnet will make your wallet attractive for money;
2. Hold money in your hands more often and count it more often. Thus, you will be charged with the energy of money. It is very useful to hold a coin in your hands whenever possible (for example, when you are going somewhere);
3. It is very useful to take money baths. Put coins in the water (preferably dimes). But! Before that, put them in water with salt to cleanse them of foreign energy! Let me remind you that water is a very good conductor and through the water coins will charge you with monetary energy;
4. A red wrist band will help enhance your monetary energy. The ribbon is tied on the left! wrist with five knots. You need to wear it for a week. This will make you a money magnet.

Якорь 8


Якорь 9

A very EFFECTIVE ritual for WEALTH with honey. For the ritual, we need two coins (of the old model, that is, that are no longer used in circulation) and any honey. At dawn, you need to eat a spoonful of honey. Remember intention! Before you send a spoonful of honey into your mouth, be sure to say, for example: "I eat this honey with the intention of attracting prosperity, abundance, new sources of money into my life .... Let it be so!" Then you need to grease two coins with honey and put them in two places. Hide one coin at the threshold, and the second under the ceiling. These coins will now be the money-bait that will fill your home and make it a full bowl. It is imperative that everyone living in the apartment, waking up, should eat a spoonful of honey. Why it is necessary to explain to the household is not necessary.


Якорь 10

A very effective practice for business development !!! This practice is suitable both for those who want to START their own business and for those who want to DEVELOP an existing business. Now is the waxing moon, it's time to perform the ritual.

And so, for the ritual we need:
1. Orange or gold candle;
2. A glass of water;
3. Poppy seeds;
4. Plant;
5. Bowl made of natural material.

☝️Choose a time in the evening when no one can disturb us .... we calm down ... remember about a good mood and start:
1. We light a candle;
2. Opposite the candle we put a glass of water and a plant;
3. Put a few poppy seeds in a bowl. If you are doing an internship for an existing business, then next to the candle you need to put something related to what you are doing. For example, print, letterhead, business card, etc.
4. We say out loud:
"I call on Jupiter.
I make room for business opportunities to come in, through which I can create abundance and prosperity. (Water the plant and put poppy seeds in the ground).
I am floating in a stream of endless abundance.
I affirm that I will feed whatever I have planted for the greater good. May it be so!"
5. Blow out the candle.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Take care of the plant and get brilliant results !!!


Якорь 11

I propose to make a very EFFECTIVE RITUAL to ATTRACT GOOD LUCK !!! For this we need a stone. It can be a semi-precious stone or an imitation. The stone must be cleaned of foreign energy with salt water and fumigated with incense. During fumigation, we say the following words 3 times: "LET SUCCESS COME TO ME, BUT EVERYONE WILL GO AWAY!"
The charged stone is then placed in the sugar bowl, which we will USE! Remember that this sugar bowl should ALWAYS contain sugar.


Якорь 12

From today, collect onion peels in a bag or box. Onion peels can attract money. From time to time, when you add a new portion of the husk, immerse your right palm in the husk, rustle there and say:
“So my money rustles. Money rustles money - they fly into my wallets ”.
When there is a lot of onion husks, it is advisable to burn it (you can throw it out). Attention❗ But we get rid of the husk, only during the growing moon❗


Якорь 13

Now is the waning moon, which means it is time for rituals to get rid of the unnecessary. In this case, debt.

We'll need a key. Caution❗ This must be a key that has never been used in your home. In the evening you need to go to the crossroads of two roads. We choose small roads, not large highways. We put the key at the crossroads and go around it three times counterclockwise with the words: “Let everything return to its place. What is mine - will remain for me, what is not mine - will go away. " After that, we turn in the opposite direction and go around the key three times clockwise with the words: “Conscience is not a ransom, money is not a binding. May it be so!".

The key must be carried with you until all debts are settled. Then the key must be thrown into the water.


Якорь 14

These sets of letters help not only attract money, but also save it.

✳Write in green ink on blue paper: "GPMKBTS". Carry in your wallet;
✳Write in blue ink on pink paper: "VTsMKGU" Store in a box or safe;
✳Write in red ink on pink paper: "PRDKFV". Store at home;
✳Write in blue ink on white paper: "UMHKBR". Carry with you in your wallet;
✳Write in green ink on yellow paper: "DDVCMP". Carry in your pocket;
✳We write on paper: "KNIRK VUPNKKM". We put a piece of paper in business papers, folders ... And also in a pen with which we sign agreements, contracts.

❗ Write letters without quotes.



Якорь 15

There is a very simple and effective technique for fulfilling the "Pink Bubble" wish.

And so, we begin ...

We take a comfortable position, relax, breathe calmly and deeply. Present your wish in every detail, as if it has already come true. Feel deeply all your emotions of joy, from the possession of what you want. Feel the smell ... enjoy .... And now, place the picture with your desire in a pink bubble (vibrations of pink color will help you fulfill your desire). The most important thing, and this applies to all desires, is now to release your desire into the Universe. Imagine that a pink bubble with your desire rises into the Universe, thank the Higher Forces for fulfilling your desire. Say, "Done!" and you can open your eyes


Якорь 16

The ritual is performed on the waxing moon. This practice will help you in solving any problem, situation, goal, etc.


Take a yellow piece of paper and write the following with a red pen:

"Oh, Great Director General!
Within the framework of my limited understanding, I believe that I want: (further you describe what exactly you want - plans, goals, desires. Write as MORE DETAILED as possible. For the practice to work more effectively, write no more than 2-3 desires, goals ).
I thank you, Dear Chief Director, for fulfilling my wishes! "

Name / Date / Signature.

We put the letter in a red envelope and put it in the north-western sector - the Helper sector. If you have a Ganesha figurine, put the letter under it. Results usually appear after 3 months. After 3 months, reread the letter. If everything has come true, we burn a letter of gratitude.
If you need to add something, then we add it.

My dear ones, remember, we are not activating the sectors in the bedroom, THIS IS TABOO!


Якорь 17

There is a very simple conspiracy for the arrival of a lot of money.

We need a coin and a tree.

We take a coin and bury it in the ground under any tree. During this action, you must read the following conspiracy by heart (!): "I am a good merchant (a good merchant), I go to the world big, for big money - my money grows higher than a tree, to the sky, grows, grows, in my hands I bring home a treasure, I put a treasure for everyone, a silver way of life, where there is as much money as not dreamed of, but in reality it came true. Amen. "

After that, we silently return home. Without saying a word to anyone on the way.


Якорь 18

A powerful conspiracy that gets rid of want and debt for the growing moon. It is advisable to conduct monthly:

- We take the largest bill that is in the house;
- We leave with her under the born month;
- We keep it so that the light of the Moon falls on the bill;
- We say a powerful spell seven times: “As the wild beast multiplies, as fish spawn, so wealth multiplies, a remedy for poverty. You, golden month, grow, and for me the Lord's slave / slave (name) make a comfortable life. Amen!".

The bill must be hidden. You can change the bill only after a week. Better keep it longer.

Remember, it must be repeated. If you take the habit of talking the same big bill, not changing it, but keeping it, you will soon forget about worries and worries.


Якорь 19

For you, a very powerful ritual for fulfilling desires and healing with rice.

Do not tell anyone that you are doing this magic ritual.

And so, we wrap a clean small glass jar (100-250 g) with a dark cloth and close it with a plastic lid. The bank should be in a secluded place. We write our desires on a piece of paper (remember that the wording of desires is correct) and put it under the jar. Once a day (preferably in the morning) we take out a jar and put 7 uncrushed rice grains into it, saying in turn:

❇The first grain I add to my strength to become like a pine tree;
❇The second seed I add to my growing power and strength of the soul;
❇ I add the third seed to my will, so that it is flexible and hardy, like a reed;
❇The fourth grain I put as a sign of my inviolability, so that the invisible barrier around me would not let any damage through;
❇ I add the fifth seed to my health, so that it would become flawless and return to normal by itself;
❇ I give the sixth seed for my life force, so that it harmoniously unites all bodies into one whole;
❇ I put the seventh seed for the balance of my soul, vigilance, justice and courage, so that I resemble (a) an eagle grabbing a snake from the grass;

The more grains become in the jar, the sooner all your desires will come true. You will feel a surge of vitality and joy.

When the jar is filled with rice, the most difficult thing is ahead: cook all this rice without salt and throughout the day, 1-2 tablespoons, as you can, without any seasonings, eat. Do not consume anything other than liquid on this day.

Having eaten the accumulated magical rice, you will become such a person that you only dreamed of a couple of months ago. This ritual can be performed systematically. The result will not be long in coming.


Якорь 20

On any day of the waning moon, wait until midnight and light three candles. Imagine your debts, need, financial problems burning in the fire. Read confidently in an undertone, 7 times:
“Moon, your influence is imperious, and your decline is not in vain. I beg you, take away poverty, give wealth and prosperity. Let all envious people disappear, I will not lose heart in poverty. Once the money need hit the wallet, it means that she can get out. The waning moon, help me, remove all troubles from my path, save from lack of money. Let it be as I say. Fulfilled seven times! I'm starting to live in abundance. "


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