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🏡Our home is a space filled with different energies. With the right use of this powerful tool, you can increase your cash flow. Writing down our money desires and thinking about them during cleaning, we create vibrations and fill our apartment with MONEY energy.

📍What issues can be resolved:

🔸️increase in income;
🔸️ promotion at work / career ladder;
🔸️ accelerating the signing of documents;
🔸️solution of legal problems;
🔸️ attracting new money opportunities and so on

✅Cash cleaning is enough to do 20-30 minutes;
✅ we thoroughly clean in the indicated sector, move the furniture;
✅ During cleaning, we keep our desire in mind;
✅remember about the correctness of the formulation of desires;

CASH CLEANING activation is calculated on a Personal Element, therefore it gives very powerful results. Use these dates to increase your CASH FLOW !!!

Price: 229 rubles / 3 € / 4 $

! When ordering activation, please indicate your date of birth. Activations are sent within 2-3 days after receiving payment.

💰CASH CLEANING - special cash activation

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