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For those who are not familiar with the basics of Feng Shui, I will explain a little. Flying Stars is one of the Feng Shui techniques that is used to analyze the energy of the sectors of a room.

According to the Flying Stars map, it is determined how the energy of the house will change over time and which sectors will bring good luck and money, and which ones - monetary losses, setbacks and danger. In sectors with unfavorable energy, protection and correction are placed. And in favorable sectors, we do activations.

The large numbers are the annual Flying Stars, the small numbers are the Flying Stars of the month.





In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Failure Star # 5 hits Sector Southeast this month, affecting anyone with main doors in that Sector or facing a Southeast home. Place the 5 Elements Pagoda with Om Ah Hum here for this month to control negative energy. Place also the "God of Longevity" to bring the luck of longevity. (!) Avoid making risky investments at the moment. Worrying about money risks can lead to fights that can lead to mental stress. Place the 8 Hum Protection Wheel Mirror to protect yourself from avoidable nuisances and the machinations of unknown opponents.


ATTENTION! Remember a very important rule, first we put protection against negative stars and only then we activate favorable stars.



In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


White Star # 1 arrives in the southern sector , bringing career luck to those whose offices are located in this sector. This Victory Star also brings good luck, giving you a competitive edge. To attract good luck, place here the Dragon-Turtle with Ru-Yi and the 5 Elements Victory Banner. Another great booster for the South this month is the Red Wind Horse. However, please note (!) That the annual Disease Star # 2 is in this sector, so keep the Disease Amulet and other protective equipment here. Those whose bedroom is in the South should watch their diet and avoid bad habits.


Quarrel Star # 3 causes anxiety, bickering, and conflict. And when this star teams up with an annual # 4, it also brings the risk of romantic scandals, causing heartache for women. There is too much Wood energy here this month, so it is recommended to balance it with the Fire element energy. Keep the lights on as much as possible in this sector in April. Place Tzi Chi Kau in the red sector here to control # 3. If fights become more frequent, it is recommended to also put the red carpet here. Literary Star # 4 brings success in academic and literary endeavors. Put the Chi Ling vase here for the luck of your exam affairs.


Overall luck improves for those whose homes are facing East and for those who spend a lot of time in the East Sector. The combination of numbers brings romantic luck as well as student success. For good luck in exams, place in the eastern sector of Lu Han for Scholastic Success. Anyone doing research or creative work will find that when working in the eastern sector this month, ideas will flow more freely and productivity will increase. If you want romance, you can place the Kurukulla love banner here.


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In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

5 April - 5 May 2020

Flying star # 6 in the center bodes well for everyone. The overall energy of the sector as a whole is improving, in contrast to the energies of the last month, when there was a double 7 in the center. Flying Star # 6 brings better leadership, better judgment, and better decisions at all levels. The Kumbum Stupa is a great way to capture the auspicious energies of the month; by the way, it is beneficial to keep this Stupa in the center of the house, regardless of the Flying Stars. Another good feng shui activator for the center is the image of Quan Kung, the Chinese God of Wealth and Battle.


The Prosperity Star is visiting the West this month, bringing wealth and unexpected good fortune to the people of this sector. Keep the West active this month as Monthly Star # 8 gains additional strength from Star # 9, which also brings long-term benefits. You can increase the monetary energies of the West with the help of the Golden Rat with a coin, this will increase the luck of wealth. This is a good time to make the most of the West Sector. Work here, play here, eat here, communicate here. The more activity there is in the Western month, the better!

Favorable time for the Northeast. The stars are combined here for a total of ten, bringing good luck to those who live in this sector. Projects can be completed and finally new things can be moved on. This is a good time to plan ahead and lay the groundwork. New ideas come confidently and steadily. Nice part of the house to activate with lights and activity this month. Activate the Sector Luck with a Pair of Fu Dogs on the Treasure Chest. This will especially help those in business and anyone who negotiates any deal.


Disease Star # 2 joins the Star of Quarrels and Conflicts # 3, causing great chaos in personal and business relationships. Marriages and intimate relationships suffer from over-familiarity. The conflict within the family is much worse than with outsiders. Remedy with Red Eagle. Chaotic energy will also cause health problems. Wear the Garuda Wu Lu Health Amulet. For harmony, place the Golden Apple with the Peace Symbol in the Northern Sector. Keep this sector quiet this month. Not the right month to change jobs or make rash decisions about your career.

Pillage Star # 7 hits Northwest this month, affecting a father or patriarch. People in leadership positions need to be more careful this month. People living in a home facing Northwest need to be more careful with home security. Place a Blue Elephant and a Rhino in this sector to protect you from losing money. robberies and attacks. Keep this sector quiet this month. Those with Northwest bedrooms should refrain from high-risk investments, speculation, or gambling of any kind. The probability of losing money is high! You can soften the negative star by placing the blue Wealth Cabinet here. This will help minimize any monetary loss and help protect you from losing money.


ADVICE FOR A MILLION! In 2020, an annual 7-ka flew to the center, which, as mentioned above, is not good and aggressive. Therefore, in order to avoid monetary losses, put a blue vase of water in the center of your apartment / house and place a blue elephant with a rhinoceros there.



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